My Life


Every day when I wake up 

I go down on my knees and pray to God before I take off 

I know where I am heading and that’s straight to the top 

Living a life of purpose, asking for God’s direction because I have seen people fail and they flop 

I didn’t make it this far just to come and stop 

I smile most times even when I am feeling down, at those moments when I feel out of element 

I smile at everything I sight even if I wish I was somewhere other than the place I find myself 

If you get to meet me today, you would image me putting on my great smile even in my mind I know I am presently going through some difficult challenges right now 

I smile not because of any interior motives but just because I know things are definitely going to get better very soon and I believe strongly in God 

I try as much as possible to chase away the blues by intentionally nurturing faithful and hopeful feelings 

I know my life is on a course toward greatness and nurturing negative emotions won’t help me at all, it will only slow down my progress 

If you watch my life like a movie, you would see it’s no comedy and things ani’t funny 

I am very desperate in life but won’t just do everything for money because I know money is not everything in life 

If you would agree with me, there is no money in poetry but then there’s no poetry in money either 

I believe one real way a man can measure his wealth is by viewing how much he would really worth if he lost all his money and how many life he has impacted by giving them support 

It’s good to be rich and have lots of things money can buy but it’s also good to make sure you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy, like a rich loving heart  and also a life of fulfillment 

Fortune are made by degrees – pain to get, care to keep and fear to lose which makes people at times more careful about their money than their health forgetting the fact that health is wealth  

  • Author: Biz Boss (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 9th, 2016 18:50
  • Category: Nature
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