Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)


The chemicals that we breathe and blow clouding the fortress that once cloaked all of our wounds

The arguments

The grieving

The strife

The twisting and turning of the blades of knives slicing deep into the flesh

Hearing the echo of the chanting that crawls along the rocks that no longer mesh with the hills

In the midst of all the toxicity

In the weaknesses of our wills

The portable devices that abscond the purity

The bantering of all the beasts

The bitter taste if immorality that taints the food within every feast

The calling upon of astral anomalies that pose as patrons, controlled by words

The toxicity that outlines the shadows, bringing to the darkness of the night the songs of all the birds

Nothing is hidden from anything

Privacy is never complete

A toneless void rides upon the Phoenix's red wings as she carries the voodoo to the soles of all the dancing feet

D'aath emerges from the abyss that swirls in cesspools across the globe

The Pope soars across his dirty threshold to his pubescent harem, dropping to the icy marble his regal violet robe

The toxicity that clings to human morale

We are haunted by only ourselves

The ghosts have all gone to the light as it states in the books that they never even bothered to take off of their shelves

Finally realizing that they are from here long gone, they now seek the closure that comes from moving on

Looking back upon their pasts that would never allow them to set themselves free

Laughing at all the living fools with their futures that blind them so they cannot even see

There exists now this mask that over-shadows the Earth

A blanket of toxicity...



  • notapoet

    I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this powerfully awesome write, i just blew me away! Reall enjoy your stuff my friend.

    • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

      Thank you very much. I am more hopeful for the future now 6 years later but I really felt that way then...

    • Augustus

      Powerful piece. Best read out loud to appreciate the meter and rhyme. Can we rise from the ashes of immorality?

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