When the wordly things get all the glory
You tend to live a life that's unholy.
Drowning in a areospace of darkness and gory.
Facing life's painful reality.
Fight against wicked forces of principality
Draining you of your energy like a dead battery.
Losing your sense of morality.
Indulging in the flesh's sensuality
Contaminating your mentality
Relinquishing your vitality
Your only Interest seems to be you stacking and counting up your salary.

As you are procrastinating about Learning your biblical A...B...C's
When you should be applying Gods word counting His promises like 1...2...3's

Thats when it begins to Spread like an deadly Sexual transmitted Disease
First its sniffle and a sneeze
Next is a cough and a wheeze
Then you'll Barely be able to breathe
Knocking you to your knees
Begging God, "Please Heal Me"
Praying desperately For His Mercy
Then the STD forcefully will begin to tightly squeeze.
Till it becomes an Infection that attacks your every function flowing like a virus.
This sickness removes the color from life and leave you blind like eyes with damaged to the nerves, pupil and Iris.
This happens when you Subtract Christ from your life like a math equation involving minus.
Being sticken with this ailment will deprives us, If we dont let Christ take the wheel to Drive and guide us.
This Infirmity is very cancerous 
It will impact your 6 senses Just like the  Symbol for The Eye Of Horous.
Because we are individuals who are like sponges, filled with holes, absorbant and yet very porous.
Beneath the fleshly being lies a spirit
Crying out for help can you hear it?
This deficiency will leave you Shivering from the Chill of it's swift wind's cold breeze
The very thought of this illness makes the soul freeze
Once it realizes it has contracted a Spiritually Transmitted Disease.
So will you let this be your casualty
Resulting in your soul's fatality
Asborbing the spirit of gluttony
Consuming Too many Calories
Getting drunk from Guzzling down one too many Alcoholic Strawberry Daiquiries.
Or will you Remember that This is one of the reasons why Christ died on Calvary.
Endured Those Whips of brutality.
Showing you Hospitality,
And love exist beyond the galaxy
On a journey where With him you gain spirituality with a chance of Meeting him in his Heavenly dwelling of immortality.

Check you Hygiene
You might need to be quarantine
Seek Christ for he his the vaccine.

Beware Of This STD
It's job is to devour you spiritually
Be Made Whole, be Free!
This goes for Everyone Including me.
Putting God first is the Key.


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