Sad Birthday!!!


A Birthday reminders us to celebrate life as well as also to update our life status cause we all know how time flies

Tears rolling down my face, and the simple fact is because it being my birthday

Sadness is a feeling which I believe almost everyone on earth one way or the other most have experience in their lifetime

I know I was definitely not born sad but my present life situation and the circumstances I find myself made me feel this way

All that I am today and hope to be tomorrow, I owe it to my sweet loving mother

That’s why I sincerely can’t wait for those special moments when I intend to make her proud

I can passionately visualize good times when I meditate

 I like writing about some of my life experiences I am passing through

That’s why I started writing rap songs and also poetic works

I always dig my goals and never will I believe in failure

Something about my life story just always seems to bored me

Cause those I really love in my life, at times don’t even really get to know me

On this special day sincerely I am feeling so down

Rolling my blunt sequentially cause I have been trying to get high and not to feel down

As this tears rolls down my face, no one grip my hand, no one to wipe my tears

So only to God I will continue to pray

Living my life on the edge desperately praying for help

Praying for the better days to come

I know it might take more days, more weeks, more months and more years for me to succeed in life

But I believe with perseverance and the continued commitment to keep pressing forward I definitely will become an overcomer



  • Author: Biz Boss (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 11th, 2016 20:23
  • Comment from author about the poem: This was written on my Sliver jubilee. i believe if i can continue to push myself forward and beyond continuing to surge, then i will definitely become blessed in life.
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