Are You Coming? / Acne

By Arcassin Burnham

..And while the void is not yet filled,
I still heal,
From these wounds in my backyard of pumping iron
And fighting skills,
In a place where they rob and steal and they don't care about how you
Feel ,
The day the earth shakes and the beams are steel,
Hope that they can seal the deal,
Past experiences and bad choices made me who I am,
Sending letters to my mind in form of a aerogram,
And at the time,
Riding my bike in Holly hill,
Sitting in sin and praying for the wrong things that Couldn't
Make me feel,
As vulnerable as the people that shouldn't be , 
trying to break the strong, persuade the weak,
Bullies use to call me weak , but couldn't see me in the street,
But I'm looking for eutopia and beauty so Divine,
Like a promise land designed for people that would give their
Lives and lay it on the line, I won't miss that opportunity,
Now Are You Coming?!


This pimple I popped to see a new hope come along,
Hope that God sends so much cargo that I will not go wrong,
Receiving hostility towards me all from your darker tone,
Feeling like you have to be an asshole because you think that
You own,
My soul,
My well-being off your throne,
Steady popping,
So much puss is dropping from my face,
And at this point upon this wicked world , What is the human race?
I question us everyday,
Senseless killings that mess up days,
You've made your time for these delays.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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