Finally. Silence

The tumbling begins when all is silent.

One right after another rushes to the surface of my mind.

Millions of thoughts  come, but I never find answers

This tortures me as I try to sleep.

They are like pesky flies that won't let me dream.

they race,

I can't grasp or make since of one...

 yet I hear the whispers every contemplation makes.

I wish my mind would just give me a break.

Instead it becomes a super computer,

searching, the screen flashes behind my eyelids.

I try to turn it off, but this is hopeless.

Eventually exhaustion will take over,

and I will greatfully embrace it.

to be able to rest,

I indulge in the fact that my mind for once is quiet.




  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    I think everyone can relate to nights like this...very well written ..captures what its like to not be able to sleep very cleverly

    • littlegoat23

      Thank you for your kind words

    • Christina8

      Very good poem. I like though the fact you weren't able to sleep, your mind was at once finally quiet. Hope you got some sleep after you wrote this!

      • littlegoat23

        I was able to sleep thanks

      • Augustus

        Hurts when the mind races uncontrollably. Well done.

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