Age ain't nothing but a number

Age ain't nothing but a number/when neither one wants the other hurt/loyalty is all thats the question/you've got mine until im down in the dirt/but he love will live on/I dont want to control you/I know i dont own you/only desire is to kiss and hold you/tongue you all over/liquored or sober/I been your ora soldier/oh so good/feels like heaven when im in it/everytime we get started/hate when all is finished/back to the subject at hand/even not your man/as a man i will do all i can/to make sure you're ok/and do the things i say/you're not something just to do not just someone to play.


  • Augustus

    Love and making love makes us feel young again. Nicely done. P.S. I prefer sober, at least for me things work better.

  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

    Woah sensational and appealing. Shows loyalty ., love and sincere light poetic emotions. Enjoyed the hurt dirt line, reads very poetic, creative. Kudos.

    Nice to read from your pen again

    • Quietstorm_Dru

      Thanks always good 2 have ur stuff appreciated

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