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Generally speaking, I speak in generalities. (worth the lengthy read)

When people ask what's wrong, and you look around at the state of affairs as they are, the most appropriate response that comes to mind is, "what's right?". Where do you even start with what's wrong? Our priorities are fucked up as we put energy in wrong shit. What's more fucked up is we think that this energy is the correct path. We let our perceptions create our reality, because it's a natural part of being conscious. But we let being conscious fuck with our conscience. As a result in a way backwards becomes forwards, but we think that it's the only way to move forward. That it's the only way to make a difference. But our perceptions and how we perceive other ways of moving forward impedes any progress. What's wrong with progress is that it's not taking us anywhere but to a worse position, eliminating any hope of making a significant difference. How are we to do this when we don't even realize that significant difference is inhibited by significant profit nowadays. Money is a part of the issue, it's a part of the system to which there is order, but the system feeds on the disorder that arises out of us following order. We have been demoralized. We think we have the information and means to conduct ourselves and be free under order but we aren't free. There cannot be freedom with such true order, which is fine because it is our strength as a nation. But we think we know how to think and that our direction is the right one when we are blinded by disorder and going in unified yet not unified directions. We wonder where our country has gone. We wonder how we can fix the status quo, while we are consumed by status. There is the opportunity for so much to be right. But the answer is that nobody is right. But the status quo is simply not going to cut it. You should feel disheartened by reading this because it's time we began to take control of what really matters. We need to wake up. Before we wake up to a country, a world we can't even begin to recognize. When the earth has been ruined by our status quo, human connection and humanity itself has been ruined, when those we share the earth with- the beings in the wild are gone. The only thing left that will be wild is our sense of regret. Our humanity will be gone not when we are gone, but when we let our ability to make a difference in the right direction be gone. When we lose ourselves, in an attempt to advance in the world. When we community is replaced by ruthless continuity. When the appropriate answer becomes the appropriate question. When we begin to ask, "What's right?".

By then, it's already too late.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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