The 2 A.M Writer

Sleep Addictions

Got to love the rain on the window

It's smell will make me forget her

Got to keep these things in the bottle

Don't let anyone have a sip

If you gave her some, she'd surely wither

Roses in the glass overdue for a soul

Give me peace and a few moments

Without the release, would I be here?

But release is putrid and damp

And I'm only on a cloud for a moment


I'll pen the note if you provide the paper

But you've seem to sent far too many notebooks

And only now do I summon a pen

But if I were to write the note,

what will become of my eyes?

Torn between a trashed eternity and a blank sleep,

I have no words for now

I'll take a nap for a few hours

Make the pain sleep

Sorrow into dreamless slumber



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