Love Treason

Shes fresh minded, young, easily blinded,toying with her heart, 30 turns in, she's still easily winded, but i'm a heartbreaker, sweet talker, heart taker, she falls into all of my games, then i make her my love maker for what reason? Am i lonely because of the season? Last autumn i fell for you harder than the leaves left on the trees and i lied to you i should convicted for love treason, why do you keep on letting me in, i know you just wanna adore me, and I'm ungrateful to the things you steady doing for me, i should be better , you send me a me a text confessing your love but I never opened up the letter, and i'm steady doing you dirty, you love me from the bottom of your heart And i know that i'm not worthy, i think it's time i opened up the letter,make a change for the better, we always crash into the feelings we hide from, chasing other hearts , crushing the true hearts that were supposed to reside from , ik that probably doesn't make sense, but i'm out here being a player while i got you on the bench , i got you running miles but i haven't moved an inch , and ik its not fair, i promised i'd be there whenever you need me , but whenever you grieving i'm not there


  • Tony36

    Great write

    • Kidwxnder


      • Tony36


      • Simple-Man87

        I'm going through a divorce and can relate to damn near every word. Very well written.

        • Kidwxnder

          Sorry to hear that bro, need someone yo talk to?

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