I hide in the shadows and watch curiously. I often wonder if other notice me.If they can see through this heavy blanket of darkness to the other side of this dark oblivion and see the girl on the other side.

What do you see? Is it me or just my image. Is the image you gaze upon happy, excited, smiling and laughing with "friends" or is it a sad and broken image of a young girl sitting in a dark corner alone crying and screaming for someone anyone to come, but never does or someone or thing sitting their devoid of any true emotion and posses alot of masks. 

I hide among the shadows watching curiously. I am a chameleon pretending all the time and no one ever notice. No one noticed the hollowness in me which I keep so well hidden behind cage after cage and lock after lock and yet still something always manages to seep through to the surfaces for anyone to see and when they do they recognize it not. But every time I worry that they might discover what they truly caught a glimpse of. A glimpse of the darkness that existed within me.


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    Great write

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