The Passion of Love

Like a grain planted into the ground I will be sowned,
So the produce from my seed will be grown, and Thru you My fruitful offspring will be shown.
I cant be bought so Im no one's to be owned.
Im like no other you have ever known.
I am good for you like the sweetest cantaloupe and honeydew.
I cling to the blades of your grass like the Morning's due.
You are the canvas and I am the brush with my kindness I paint you as the serene skies a beautiful hue of Indigo Blue.
I am Honesty, Pure, and true.
My life I gave just so your soul I could save
For you, I the faced death so brave
Yet you barely desire me, not even so much as a crave.
This not just for Show
I want the whole world to know
I care for so.
You are in debt to me and Your heart is what you Owe
Some would want to put me on display like a family portrait hanging from a frame.
And like luggage many have tried to have me bagged, tagged, and claimed.
Some tried to condition me but couldnt even have me maintained.
Too many Put me in a straight jacket and had me restrained.
So Like water being removed from a fountain they have left me Drained
Making a mess of me like red wine spilled on the carpet I have been Stained.
Like a sword that pierced my side I endured your agonizing pain.
Hand in hand I walk with you even in shame.

But you say that Im the one to blame
When indeed I only came
Because it was you who called upon my name
You traded me in for fortune and fame.
And My Darling my compassion for you is still the same.
My affection For you never changed it will always and forever remain.

People will say that they regret the day we met.
Just because they see themselves like a butterfly trapped in a net.
Having an enclosed mindset.
Not realizing you need me like a pet needs its Vet.
The rejection and pain you've experienced you will soon Forget.
I can Cleanse you without ever getting you Wet.
Its a process and im not finished with you yet.

Im am beyond your control,
I came embedded into your soul
Taken your Brokenness to make you whole

Swallow me like a pill,
be still and allow me to do my will.
Ill give you the strength to climb even the steepest hill as I pour my spirit into you like an empty cup to fill,
Just for assurance sip me and taste and see That I am real.

As you sit back and reminisce,
Are you drowning in life's Abyss?
Wondering if something so beautiful as This Can really truely exist
Moving you in a state of bliss, interlocking with our souls first kiss.

I fit you like a glove,
I fall on you like rain from the heavens above
My presences is engaging and graceful like a flying white Dove.
Hello name is love.

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