Dancing around the electric fire with nostalgia for a time they’ve never known.

Box-wine warriors of non-attachment become feral at dusk while cavemen sleep uneasy in the friendliest neighborhoods they can find.

Excluding communities for inclusion with deep pockets make known their benevolent plans. A shrapnel blast sprays the retinas of the tribe of known strangers.

Activity driven passages of time with clever names for rehashed happenings sprouting like weeds on the fertile pavement streets.

Endless skin canvases on display with ear lobes destroyed by their commitment to modification or rage against form.

The three beer limit brunch culture shepard children through dusty shops they have no place in. Forced memory makers foaming over the story.

Try this, try everything, try the things I like, try the most authentic thing. Try the gasoline from the other corner store. Try the app for trying things please try try try try you can do it honey make me proud keep trying.

Many mantras per mouth. A deafening roar of yada yada “stop that” yada yada.

I will look it up, but I’m certain that you are right. Recite for me your latest data dump please. I’m only ears.

Deepest digital secrets shared publicly. A perfected art of avoiding the gaze. The raw intensity of everything managed perfectly by a perpetually expanding toolkit.

I once knew someone who claimed to have an experience but I do not trust them. To do so would be the ultimate act of reckless self annihilation. To breathe like them would bring the white-light pain of knowing. To know would end my fetishized constructs.

I’m deciding to make a decision. The decision is becoming clearer with your support. Yes I’ve decided. Now you know. I’ve made known the decision to decide. No more expression to consume, no more fables of inspiration. No more doppelgangers for dead heroes. No more free advice. I hope you’ve heard this young soldiers of the polished age.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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