Then What I Know Now

By Arcassin Burnham

The pain and the agony and wrath of God is a terrible
I feel like this oh so every day knowing times will get hard
Like Erections,
Goosebumps from the nervousness, hopefully I will overcome,
I survived the day escaping devil's misfits of keeping my head
Up to the sun,
What do you know about illnesses?
What do you know besides being ignorant?
Did you know the kid had to survive 4 years of ignorance and suicidal
Thoughts mixed with misunderstandings and false teachings in a 
Cruel world such as this one that people will mop the floor with ya?
Did you know about that? Or were you raised with a damn saddle on
Your back,
How must I remind you I don't have no time to think like you,
I have the potential to make things happen in a state that's more
Loyal to Satan , we're all in a matrix,
From chances we take ,
And the bills that we pay,
Forgetting the legends for they paid the way,
And Jesus gave up his life for us Even today...

If I didn't know then what I know now,
Wish we had a light to make us all smile,
My illness is spreaded through my vains and this is serious,
More of a man than anybody else that I know I'm not being delirious.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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