Golden Heart

What do you say

When your heart is full of pain?

And the only thing you know

Is that heart of gold you hold?

Sometimes that feeling is okay

Until that fateful day.

The day she steals your heart

And you still have hold that golden heart

It still belongs to you,

All though its broken and mangled

But still on the mend.

All until that day comes to an end.


That golden heart you hold

Starts to fog over

Leaving it undesirable to the eyes

Of anyone who wants to hold it.

Some good things come to an end

It's very sad but true

That the golden heart you have

Is no longer good to you.

You tried to fix it up

You said that love never ends.

This is so sad but true

That golden heart you held,

Is no longer shiny and new.

It's been beaten and broke

Until it cant take no more,


You promised you loved it,

You did show it to be true

But when you said 'love never ends'

I expected that to be true too.

Sadly it's not what was expected,

You showed it love and kindness

Then you left it to be.


It slowly falls apart

Into smaller and smaller pieces

Until that golden heart

Was a pile of golden dust.

In order for it to change now

You will have to wait and see

That golden dust has to be heated

To a mighty high degree.


1948 degrees,

All the pain and suffering

Will come to an end

All after it reaches that point,

It wont be the same

You let it fall apart,

You broke it into pieces

All for a reason you thought


It wont be the heart you grew to love

But it will be the heart of pain,

You'll remember it forever,

Because it's no longer yours to stay...


  • Tony36

    Great and awesome write

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