Notice of absence from Seanachaidh
Note: I disappear for months on end......but I always come back!

The dark shadows beckon it calls insidiously from the corners of the mind

Whispering little temptations draw deeper into its tunnel so deep that the shadow that once lurks behind starts to climb up around, over the shoulders

till it turns to meet face to face and overwhelms, swallowing whole.


The inner demons are dark and vast, some live in the present, some in the past.

one can only hide them for so long, but they always peak their head, from the trapped doors in memories,

Through the closed doors in the mind, between the cracks in our broken heart, hiding in the dark alley's of the soul.

sooner or later these demons will gain control, whenever, they see weakness from within a soul.

These demons will test you at every turn, wishing you to welcome them, damning you to burn.


Trapped with chain-like ribbons heavy and painful as barbed wire

The poor soul, probably crying out, for love or understanding

Maybe something else?

How are we to know when we hide behind the smile?


Memories and tragedies blend together

All the voices clashing inside never make it better

All the songs sung

The never ending record


No matter how you purge and quell, the beast inside will bite and burn.


It fills the dark recesses of a mind when the soul is turbulent with storms

A swirling vortex trapped in a cage.


Like a labyrinth that never ends, a wandering spirit is lost without a home.

A shudder in dread and banshee screech searching for solace that can be borrowed.


Although feeling negative and stormed by dark clouds, it feeds on our bad karma; the evil energy pulsing stemming from tragedy and trauma it grows by the emotions that follow,

There is a vicious grin inside the hollow.


It always demands a sacrifice

It - or - They demand a deal

They are the devil at the crossroads waiting for a soul to steal

The choices of the seven deadly sins

Which one will you choose?










It consumes the light, but in return fills with dark pleasure acting as a temporary high; a short-lived fix that like acid burns.

A sure made deal; a sick reciprocity for a delight in forbidden decadents to dwell in tempting sins despite the terror that it brings, there's a monster inside trapped beneath the flesh waiting for the right to strike and cause havoc

Yet can't you see when you look in the eyes glaring straight at you, the human in the mirror

An epiphany hit, denial yet the harsh unforgiving truth

The monster and you are one and the same.


God! O God! Save me from myself!

Exorcise all the demons within!


Yes, monsters are real and do exist each day our actions and choices in life tells the world on whether we are human or animal

An intelligent rational being or mindless raging beast

Which are you?


  • Author: Anonymous (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 4th, 2016 13:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: The fights and struggles we go through in life and our inner demons. We ALL have them in some shape or form.
  • Category: Spiritual
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  • Elegant_Style

    oh my frickin gumdrops that was amazing!!! you weave a dark tapestry that shows what is buried beneath the skin of humans and it is a painful reminder of the truth. That was so good I think I have to scream 🙂 🙂

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