The World Unseen

Well there are many, many
portals and gateways from
this world of the living to
where demons and ghosts
walk among us not only
in the night but in the
daytime too...
Could be they've attached
themselves to you just 
because they find you some
kind of an amusing new
kind of plaything and you
are familiar with the occult
and the oui, well don't you
know it is a portal, a gateway
for them and then the haunting
begins, cold spots and goose
bumps on your skin disembodied
voices telling you to do bad 
things and your stuff has been
moved from one room to another
You hear wicked laughter behind
you, you turn around to find no one
there, could be because of you're
a sensitive and wise in the ways of
the occult, no wonder they find you 
an amusing little plaything but then
again it can happen to any of us
demons and ghosts are here, there
and everywhere 'cuz there are many,
many, many portals and gateways
from the land of the living to the


  • Elegant_Style

    very well done!! A little bit frightening, a little bit fun, and an awesome poem!!!

    • moontigerntn

      thx for reading my poem, glad u like it.

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