Woodwind of Joy

Would there were a willowing woodwind blowing happy

thoughts, wooing grimace to grin, coaxing, wheedling the

distraught.  Winding its way down the street, marching,

strutting to a lively beat, with heads chiming out of windows

forgetting the blues within, modulating to the tunes  

carried on the wind. Just listen and stress begins

to flee; thoughts glisten bowing to this stick man band of

glee.  Musical notes topple woes like dominoes, tickling

the ivories of your fancy and tuning your virtuoso. Melodies

putting the mind at ease, symphonies  of bodily harmony.

Oh, could there Be, to find the key to pitch and scale far

from my Elegy to trade minor for major, shift to a smiling,

singing choirboy following my maestro woodwind of joy.



Augustus / Folsom, LA / 2016 




  • Daniel

    Beautiful write, lovely imagery

  • WriteBeLight

    You are so versatile and I am so jealous! A real renaissance man in our presence! Great job. I have to go and turn on the radio while I work. Thanks for the very positive piece, Augustus! You sure did cheer me up!!!

    • Augustus

      You are the one who gave me the idea. I've been in the dumpster for a while now. Thanks.

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks right back at you for that. I want all of us to pull you out of there and keep you out. That is no place for someone like you kiddo!

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      • Christina8

        Such beautiful poetry and imagery, makes me want to turn the music on! Thank you for sharing this lovely piece!

        • Augustus

          Thanks so much.

        • Tony36

          Awesome write

          • Augustus

            Thank you Tony.

            • Tony36


            • Vic E

              Well challenge accepted and met! Two thumbs up!

              • Augustus

                Thanks Vic

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