Dear Nature,

And there I am,

Lying on the ground

As the rain is pouring down

And the wind is scraping past me

And the mud is sliding beneath me,

Yet the mountains stand fierce.


The skies are greyer than ever,

Stirring like a storm

And there are flowers around me,

Pretty pinks and purples too


But please

Let me lie here,

Let me hear the wind roar.

Let the rain battle me,

And hit me like



My fingers feel cold, numb

As the dirty mud washes me,

The hills circle around me,

And the grass is filling up,

Like a bath


Now the river will carry me,

As I am floating



Because nature does not care,

It will take you where it wants;

No questioning the water,

Fire or air.


They work as always,

But how strong is your fight?

They will catch you even with

Your strongest sight


It will damage you, the earth

Yet those flowers are still growing,

Rainbows are forming and nature

Is changing


So guide me along your long

Turning, changing veins,

Let me float on top of them,

And take me to wherever

They are flowing


There are universal patterns:

Have you seen the neurons in the twigs of trees?

Have you seen our veins in rivers and

The rivers in the leaves?


Nature is part of us,

As we are part of it.

It builds us as we

Build upon it.


So breathe,

As it gives you a breath



You are the start and the end.

Let the world know,

And the world can be shown;

Change your view,

And the things you look at



Then I am a part of you


Whether you decide I am the bark

Or the leaf.

The rock or the bone;

The breathing or the matter


You can blow me away,

You allow the beautiful,

The destruction too


It seems you made the choices

Before we ever had a clue


So please,

Let me lie,

Let me float,

Let me be

Blown away.


  • Author: lveizaj (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 6th, 2016 13:24
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this poem after the first few months of starting university. I was living in a studio flat at the time, and was going through homesickness, isolation, anxiety and depression. This was an outlet .
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  • Elegant_Style

    Amazing first poem!! It's very dramatic and beautiful and so very, very wonderful!! I felt like I was watching everything happen as I read it... I felt like I was actually outside!! Nicely Done

    • lveizaj

      Thanks for your lovely comment! Glad you liked it 🙂

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