Are we really in control?
Are we empty or are we whole?
Do we run the tests?
Do we make decisions or just requests?
Is life really free?
Is this all true, that we see?
You've got to have questions.
No answers, only suggestions.
Please, listen up if you have a mind.
Thinking Is the tool, become nonaligned.
Don't follow, because you can lead.
Our generation can be the new breed.
We're gonna be in control some day.
We gotta stop using the earth as our ashtray.
Or else there won't be anything worth running.
Take over with peace instead of funding.
Life isn't about that simple little dollar.
If that's all you want, you have no honor.
Everything in this world isn't for a profit.
No more brainwashing just be honest.
Control is needed, but you've overstepped.
Went too far, now it's just disrespect.
People deserve to think their own way,
And not to be punished for it everyday.
You're making minds so narrow.
Honestly who made you our Pharaoh?
This is the home of the free & the brave.
But everyone is only free if they behave.
Striking fear to make em stay in line.
Never free & definitely without a spine.
This is just another form of dictatorship.
Only thing missing is the brutal whip.


  • Tony36

    Great write. I wrote a poem called "The Machine" You should look it up. It's on my list somewhere

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