The Evil Within




I felt trapped, I couldn't see
As a fateful darkness surrounded me
It came from nowhere and left no trace
It picked my soul as a resting place

There I felt it deep inside,
Digging my grave before I died
Contrary to its ghoulish nature it slept so peacefully
One could hardly believe this was the Evil all had feared

Meanwhile all around me,
The darkness crept so silently
So easily deceived
By the beast that lay so deep
It passed me by…

But I saw it glisten in my eye
Day by day as time went by
I begged and pleaded for it to go
To no avail, I should have known

It would not listen; there it stayed
Inside me as I decayed
And as my body began to rot, I felt the thing emerge
I tried to fight the Evil One; I tried to fight the urge

Until it was lodged far too deep,
No chance of recovery
I slowly watched my old self go,
Could not retain an empty soul
It passed me by…

Nothing weakened the beast that thrived
Inside me as the old ‘me' died
My shell crumbled piece by piece
Yet my suffering did not decrease

My last defences were not forsaken
Until the last part of me was taken
Forced to surrender I bowed my head
My whole body lay there - dead.

The Evil One contained in me
Now roams loose, completely free
A constant reminder to all around:
In suppressed souls -
Evil is found.

Copyright © SabreLi



  • Author: SabreLi (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 8th, 2016 11:46
  • Comment from author about the poem: Written when I was younger; I felt like everything was against me and that if things continued in that manner I would cease to be me and my demons would take over.
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  • WriteBeLight

    You are a poet prodigy! So, sorry you felt that way. I am glad, and it is clear, that you have overcome the demon inside, because nothing but great work is emerging! Excellence once again.

    • SabreLi

      Such truly amazing words that really strike my heart, I appreciate them so much - thank you millions! Yes, I have learned to cope much better now with negativity and no longer feel like I am being consumed by my demons. I am so grateful for your wonderful words 😀 xx

      • WriteBeLight

        You are welcome and deserve them all. You are very, very talented.

      • Quemis

        I love some of this bounce.

        Too fun. Despite the subject matter and all.

        • SabreLi

          Thanks for your read and comment 🙂 xx

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