Tragedy dances tiled change perpendicular to defeat.
We fall away and leave the golden fulcrum at our feet.  

Confusion seeps like water into our roofs and moments brittle.
Wind erodes the jockeys and victims of the spinning riddle.

The architecture changes daily. It crushes and it climbs.  
It fills fearful with serenity, and splits the sure in twine.  

Resistance contradicts this relentless symmetry,
calm Language and caution for the maze, the tool of gravity.  

The sweetest sight revolves around enjoyment of the ride.
The Aphelion dark and cold gives a push on which we glide.  

Bombilate fervent irritability over its precipice.  

The momentum carries us down and over, the snake forgets to hiss.

Embarrassed eyes now soft and heavy regret their wasted time.  

Sonder unfolds the vacuous, before gilding us in rhyme.  

Sorrow slowly crystallize into a healing heat,  

vigilant passion abolishes the tyranny of deceit.

  • Author: Quemis (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 10th, 2016 00:21
  • Comment from author about the poem: A universe that rewards the curious, and punishes the sure.
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 36
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  • WriteBeLight

    This is an excellent piece. Makes me think of the Peter Principal in a way, how people can rise up, say in their job, until they reach the highest point of their incompetence. Great job!

    • Quemis

      <3 <3 glad you like my stuff so much.

      I have a few more good ones to be released to this site over the new week or two.

      I'm new here and all.

      Cant wait to see more of your work too. Thanks for the support! : ) <3

      • WriteBeLight

        You are very welcome and thanks☺️

      • Tony36

        Awesome write

      • myinnervoice

        I enjoy how you wrote this, and the language feels very carefully chosen. I wish for the life of me i could understand it though...But that's my shortcoming not yours. Well written

        • Quemis

          Thats ok, its about the feeling more then the message, although its about a universe that rewards the curious and punishes the sure.

          Its about not letting your irritability get the best of you, and treating people with love, and life with passion.

          : )


          • myinnervoice

            A struggle I know all too well. I think ill reread it when im better rested and my brain can process symbolism.

            • Quemis

              To be honest, This is definitely the one poem where I played with new and strange words the most, as an exercise in strange and unique structure. The rest of my work is a bit easier to consume I thinks.

              • myinnervoice

                ill check it out.

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