Chill Baby

By Arcassin Burnham

Theres a promise land,
One for each of us,
Some want power and lust,
I believe in God we trust,
Pink material in need,
Verses say the flesh is weak,
Forget tough , be cool,
Won't be taken seriously,
Men that run without phase,
Cold hearts won't give,
Lord help all the crazed,
Can't imagine how they live,
If this is really the end,
Hurry up and live your life,
No time to pretend anymore when you look at the cameras and lights,

I remember dreaming of a life with my first love when In reality
She was an asshole that didn't care for emotions or boyfriends or 
people Less fortunate than herself laughing at me while I was being
Bullied in middle school,
Everybody's cruel, even your family that don't want you to be alive 
To tell the stories of what happen to you,
Lost in disbelief or what ever the hell this boy is talking about,
Everybody else got the same impression without a doubt,
While all the kids from highschool that walked over me is living
Lavish , I'll be home writing to get a publishing deal in fact,
I know I'm not alone due to the 5,000 others in Florida,
Staring at the break of death cause they don't wanna live with mental disorders.


  • Augustus

    Thank you for your kind thoughts about those with mental illness.

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