Goodbye for now

Can it be real or am I just fooling myself?  

To believe that your love for me

Has not been put on a shelf


Packed away and discarded

Like an old photo or toy,

Your pure and unconditional love

Like when you were a boy. 


Innocent and sweet

You held me in your heart,

But now the years and life’s challenges

Have torn us apart


You have chosen a path

That is rocky and tough,

And my guidance and attempts to divert you

Have not been enough.


You ran from youth fast,

Confused and unsure,

Towards the deceitful blinding light

Of adulthood's allure.


As I stand here and watch you stumble,

Like when you took your first steps,

But now unable to help or reach out to you,

Now that you’ve fallen into the depts.


But my hand will always be within reach for you,

And my heart open wide,

To take hold of either

If you should ever decide


I wish you only happiness

And pray you will find,

All the things you’ll need in your life

To replace what you’ve left behind. 


I will say goodbye to you,

But only for now,

Because I know you will find your way back to me,

Someday or somehow


  • omgoli

    This is beautiful. It brought so many memories to my head. Well done!

    • notapoet

      Thank you for the read and comment, means a lot...

    • Christina8

      This is a very well written poem and my heart goes out to you because I have a teenage son and we have struggles too, but I certainly won't compare the two. Great job. And thanks for sharing!

      • notapoet

        Thanks chrissy for the comment, tough love, patience and a little prayer turned things around for me and my son...

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