Where I Belong



I stand nearby at the Guardian's gate
And realize there's no escape
No choice left but to stand and wait
I look on…
I hear them whisper as they pass me by
Each one staring from the corner of their eye
"Yes I was wrong, it was no lie"
‘He' has won.

So much beauty, I see no flaws
A place of rest for those indoors
While I get punished for my disbelief,
I stare on…
I cling to the false comfort of emptiness
Knowing that anything could be better than this
Was I not created to be free?
‘He' has won.

If I was not supposed to question
Then why did you give me free will?
If I was to learn every lesson
Why is it so easy to sin?
If you wanted me to believe
Then why were you never there for me?
Why didn't you give me something in which I could confide
Instead of all these fairy tales which I just can't abide?

So there is a life after you die;
If they have one, then so do I
Determination comes from my desperation
I push on…
I turn around to begin my search
Feeling sorrow, feeling hurt
Consolation comes from my condemnation
I push on…
If this is ‘Heaven' and I was wrong,
Then I know where I belong

Copyright © 2008-2017 KF


  • Author: SabreLi (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 14th, 2016 06:44
  • Comment from author about the poem: Written from the viewpoint that maybe I'm wrong about my opinions of organised religion.
  • Category: Religion
  • Views: 26
  • User favorite of this poem: SharonMoemise.
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  • WriteBeLight

    Excellent, (way I interpret) how the poem expresses how one has realized that they made a mistake in judgement and wants forgiveness. Very well put.

    • SabreLi

      Thanks so much! Yes it was an acknowledgement that a mistake may have been made, but a wonder if it was too late or not... 🙂 xx

    • SharonMoemise

      Wow! I'm speechless at this masterpiece. You've once again outdone yourself, SabreLi. Great read.

      • SabreLi

        Thanks as always Sharon! Loving your great work also! xx

      • Tony36


        • SabreLi

          Thanks, Tony, as always I appreciate your comments 🙂 xx

          • Tony36


          • Elegant_Style

            wow, this is amazing and deep and oh so beautiful. Haunting, but beautiful!! AMAZING

            • SabreLi

              Thank you! Yes, it is always haunting when the ramifications of your actions come to fruition 🙂 xx

            • isituorme

              I really like this it takes the question of is there or isnt there and puts u in the next place ,when it's to late to decide ,great poem x

              • SabreLi

                Thank you! I'm glad you like it; I am not religious but do sometimes wonder what if I am wrong, and I will only know when it's too late xx

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