#165- Like A Movie (To victims of rape)

Lyric after lyric,

Song after song,

Our life is like a movie,

We have to learn to play along.

Sometimes it'll be hard,

And sometimes it'll be fun,

But soon you'll find out,

That what's done is done.

There's nothing you can ever do,

That'll change the horrible thing that happened to you,

And if you think about it,

Someone had probably hurt them too...

Don't seek revenge,

But also don't try to pretend.

You don't HAVE to talk about it,

Because it'll probably make you feel like shit.

Don't fake your happiness,

Because, then, you won't know what TRUE happiness is,

And the reason why I know this,

Is because I turned out to be an unhappy kid...


  • omgoli

    This poem spoke to me for a number of reasons, but I find this very inspirational. Great job!

  • Tony36

    Awesome write

  • WriteBeLight

    Encouraging words coming straight from the heart. Excellent.

  • Seanachaidh


  • Amherrera1190


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