Let Me Tell You About Myself

For work I stock shelves at a grocery store. Opening boxes & putting stuff where it's supposed to go, you know the drill. 

But, I need someone to stalk me today. And by that I mean watch. Because they give me a box cutter, and I'm too small of a person to be trusted with that today. I need someone to watch me today. 

For fun I take photographs, showing everyone the beautiful sides of life. 

But today, I need someone to show me the beautiful side of life. I'm too small of a person to see them, they're too far away. 

I'm too small of a person today, to go about my day without being stepped on. 

Whether that mean physically, actually getting stepped on. Or if it's my boss telling me that I'm not dependable, or my mom telling me my PTSD doesn't make any sense, or my "friends" saying they didn't invite me because of work. 

I'm too small of a person today...

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