Power for an hour...then gone.\\\"


Power for an hour, then gone....
What would you use your very last hour,
Of electricity gained from turbine or solar power
Would you cook a last meal for all of your kin
Or use it to fill a last bath, then jump right in.
What about playing your desert island List,
Turning up the speaker and get Royally pissed.
I'd get on my computer or use my mobile phone,
And tell all I love, in the dark your not alone....

Power for an hour would be my last.
To my family I would hold fast.
And, apologize for my mistakes.
Wish for Heaven for me then take.
Going with strength inside of me.
Honest with myself I would truly be.
Hope that all would be forgiven.
Best to all who remain the living.

Power for an hour:(Haiku)
Beware not the hour
But the minutes that slowly kill it
As the seconds bleed

With that last bit of power
My decision would be quick.
At this hour of my life
I have no need of it.
A neighbor, a child, a friend-
To one of them I would send
The choice no longer mine
This crucial period of time.

I would gather my loved ones near
And tell them how they are so dear
The hour will set me free
But they will just not see
How hard my life has been
As I now ask God to forgive my sin
Surrounded by loved ones is where I'll be
And my journey to heaven is no uncertainty

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