The Unknown Flame #1

By Arcassin Burnham

A young boy training to be a fully grown man is practical,
I was thinking about my step dad and how he was an asshole,
Remember all the times when I would wanna send my soul
Off to heaven,
Getting ready for a lucky 97,
Birth years are overrated anyway when people struggle just to
Love The one they dream but knowing half the people would
Rather see you crumble just to make themselves so noticeable
In a situation you could not hold your own any longer,
Just to save your life,
Playing all the cards , don't mean it's right,
Sitting at the red light , waiting for the green to take me
Home with a 40 ounce can and mind full of doubts hoping I just
Make it through this life somehow,
If you didn't know then , your about to know now,
Tried to kill myself 6 times without making a sound.

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