My Dearest Love

My dearest love

The love that's in my heart for you
Might have broken down that wall
But you helped me through my roughest times
Helped me not to fall

I've loved you through everything
Even when we couldn't be together
When you said yes to me that memorable day
You could have knocked me over with a feather

Now we're getting married and I couldn't be more happy
I have tears of joy in my eyes - I know I'm so sappy

But when you look at me with those eyes of yours
My heart just melts like butter
I swear to you my dearest love
There will never be another

Sometimes your heart is torn and you worry about our future
But I know forever we'll be together
Because our hearts we always nurture

And when you make a wish, I'll do my best to fill your every desire
You will be my fairy princess
And I your faithful Sire

I know my dearest love that God has put us together
He bound us as best friends
That can handle any weather

My life I do commit to you
So put your hand in mine
I'll always take care of you
I promise it will all be fine

My dearest love I know you're the one
For 10 years you've been in my heart
Now I know true joy and peace
For our life together will start

The world we will face
Through time and space
We'll do it all as one
My love for you, it will never die
As sure as the rising sun

And when people ask me this Christmas
Who is your turtle dove
Well my darling, forever sweet
It is you, my dearest love


  • Niye

    It's beautiful

  • Niye

    It's beautiful

  • SabreLi

    Such a beautiful piece overflowing with love! Great write xx

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