Writing Songs

She says that it's not bad to write your feelings in a song.
But maybe she's wrong.
Maybe it's awful to share your pain within a melody that makes people empathize.
Maybe it's completely unnecessary to twirl your words so that a poem that flows like a river pours off your lips in ways that twist the way you portray your pain,
maybe it's horrendous to convey the way you feel in a book that's disguised as a song inside piano pieces and guitar riffs and
maybe it's malicious to mash the mindless meaningless music in your head to words that hold the weight of the world
maybe it's awful to share your feelings within a song,
expecting nothing when you've just poured your mind body and soul into a piece that will likely never make it out beyond your tiny town
maybe it's okay it's not a top hit as long as he hears it and he feels it because
why share your feelings within a song if no one will listen?
Maybe it's awful to share your feelings within a song because no one will listen
even when they have a catchy melody and beautiful harmonies, because all they hear is the melody and harmony-
they don't really listen.


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    Great write

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