Time ticks

Time ticks on and on
as I walk down this road to hell
no golden gate to welcome me
to heaven
I see that fire
burning all that is holy
I see the gate that will open to snatch me up into its belly
and whip me with its fiery whips
I want ot turn and run
but there is nowhere to hide
except into the jaws of Satan
he would see me
and cry
"My son, you decided to join me! Bring down fire onto the world above!"
His skeletons wold adorn me with a gold crown
and golden robes.
but the only gold I wanted to see
was the gate of heaven.
but demons arn't welcome there.
I am a sin.


  • Tony36

    Great write

  • Augustus

    Some say heaven is open to all, but I understand the sentiment, some sins seem unforgivable. Cheers.

  • SilentLaugh

    Thanks! I love that you find meaning in my poems! :D

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