Willow Tree

My willow tree is my fortress, my place to be alone.

Its roots are hard and dark for a heart that is cold as stone.

I hide within its boughs, safe in my cocoon.

What others know as darkness to me as sun at noon.


A child, friend, companion, hopping over yard what glee,

Alas despised deceiver, wants to be my enemy.

The swing comes like a boulder; my belly explodes in pain.

The rage that soon does follow, like a runaway freight train.


I lash out in quite a frenzy, with shouts and screams of rage

I hate you, I will kill you, I spit out like a twelve gage.

The chase is on in earnest, until the fence we reach.

He escapes my clutch I am thwarted, a fool unable to teach.


Oh, why did I thus come down, my burning heart does cry.

Why did I let myself be deceived, under this angry sky?

I left my safe protection, in search of something more.

Why did I so foolishly think, a friend I might employ?


Climbing back up my tree of safety, my sanity redeployed.

My anger fades in my safe place, my heart now overjoyed.

Here I am my own master, and here I hide my face now free.

I abandon all, world, family and cares, in the boughs of my willow tree.


  • Quemis

    Good rhyming and rhythm and all the rest.

    What she said ^

    : ) keep it up!

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