Wake Up

Asleep and drifting away wondering if your life is just a waste..
Looking back knowing that you were asleep still don't know if you're awake..

Wandering around wearing a fake smile like a new style in a world so vile, ignoring the people judging you because they couldn't wear your shoes for a mile..

How long.. how long do you take it, how long do you fake it?.
How long do you feel sorry that your life is shit like a kid you throw a fit saying you can't do it, you'll never make it..

Wake up! Wake up! Get up! Get out! Just shout Wake up!

Whatever it takes just make it happen, get your life back before it's too late and it can't happen..
Damn all the finger pointing and blaming carrying shame that you don't have to have with your name..

It's not you it's not who you are, you don't have to live like tomorrow's too far..
Just wake up and get up out of that box you've locked so tight like your world's in a jar..

Don't be afraid to shine some light on something you know is not right..

I know it hurts but you can't die in a life you're trying to live you never had..
At some point you gotta stop living as if you're life is built by Super Dad..

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Time's up! Get up! Get out!..

                 - John Lee



    Very nice...I think we ALL can relate to this piece in one way or's do true man...nobody is to blame but ourselves for EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES.yet 98 percent of the time..everyone always points the finger's a pill that people NEED TO SWALLOW If they ever want to understand how life works....I think it's getting better..after all..there is no other choice then to face up to the facts...

    • JohnLee

      Thank you.. check my poem Super Dad (mistake revealed) for the rest of the story..

    • Tony36

      Awesomely written and expressed

      • JohnLee

        Thanks Tony

        • Tony36


        • elsiewarrenswords

          Love it... really inspired me actually and motivated me!!

          • JohnLee

            Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and inspired you.

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