Law Of Probability

So, I broke your special wine glass.

And, when ironing scorched your shirt.

There’s too much salt in the potatoes,

Rinsed the lettuce, left some dirt.


Oh, the sheets upon the bed,

Weren’t smooth and without wrinkles.

The cupcakes I made your friends,

Not enough of your favorite sprinkles.


And, when I asked, you allowed,

For the day to borrow your car.

You complained I left the driver’s seat.

Pushed way back, way too far.


My car that day in the shop.

In need of some repair.

That was only because,

Errands for you are everywhere.


So, for me the mistakes I make.

Of which I’m apprehensive.

Probable to occur more often,

Do more means greater percentage.


The only way to fix this,

Is to do little, leave a mess.

No more broken glasses,

A lot less tidy, I guess.


I rather keep things neat,

I’ve never been a slob.

Keeping the place spiffy,

Is something I really love.


So, I’ll try to be more careful,

It is of you I’m so fond.

To say I’ll not again mess up,

It is probable I’d be wrong.


  • Christina8

    This poem was awesome! It sounds like you are trying to please someone and also you like to clean or keep your house "spiffy". I like that word! But we all make mistakes. I like a clean house too but you can tell it's lived in. 🙂 Very good write!!

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks Christina! I always say my house is not immaculate, but tidy. And, "lived in" homes are truly homes, not just houses! Thanks so much!

    • Tony36

      Awesome and well written

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks so very much for that Tony!

        • Tony36


        • myinnervoice

          lol im not much for cleaning but i can sympothise(oh dear lord). The frustration of spending all day trying to make someone happy only to have it undercut by complaints is an insanely frustrating thing. I enjoyed this alot. Your writting style is great. And im compelled to continue reading. Love it!

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks! It is funny, but as I get older, those kinds of remarks about my mishaps with housework do not bother me. Besides, they leave their stuff around and I put it away and then I enjoy them trying to find out where I put it. Ha Ha. A little but of "payback." Thanks for much for your comments.

          • Augustus

            Some of my pet peeves. But I know better to complain. I just say I love you when my sweetheart makes a little error. I know where my bread is buttered. Enjoyed.

            • WriteBeLight

              Ha Ha Ha. Thanks so much Augustus! I feel the same. I think it would be petty to start an argument about those kind of things. The person criticizing may have had a bad day or is just a complainer by personality. It is easy to criticize someone else's work and forget to appreciate the fact that something was done to make one's life easier. In any event, I am happy in my life and thankful that I have people to cook for and clean up after. I am a home body who enjoys the warmth of returning to the same place every day after work and errands. Thanks again for your input. Hope you are warm and happy as the Holiday approaches...:)

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