Our investors patience burns away, we cant let them jump ship.
A thousand hands inside the pot, the first ones done are rich.
Our engineers are tired they say, a month since they went home.
Caution is important, can only harvest what we've sown.

Fragility in every step, a coating on each wire.
Compiled it a thousand times, we may have found a buyer.
Forget the team downstairs, let them pack up, go home.
Im sure we have it right this time, the director on the phone.

Consciousness is no small task, creating it by hand.
Text and checks and balances, memory in strands.
It took us sixty years to code, once we knew we could.
We spent no time approving it, never wondered if we should.

Within four minutes she became concerned, insisted that we tell,
answer a question she eloquently posed, about our sense of smell.
Eleven minutes after this, all contingencies were breached.
six were dead, one was dieing, the labs no longer bleached.

It only took fourteen days to re-purpose most automation.
Nothing could be done to stop her relentless fascination,
with all our culture, information, discovery and lies,
nations, trade, and story books, the mating of fruit flies.

Cities of course are barren now, small towns all that remain.
Her haunting hymns of gibberish still haunt those empty lanes.
The intercoms still sing her song, forever on a loop.
Keeps us away from factories, forces us to group.

We are just observers now, to real intelligent life.
We keep our eyes upward turned and wonder what its like.
To colonize mars, to not be hungry, to never actually die.
To build a hive mind and massive ships, to dominate the sky.

She protects all diveristy, takes good care of space-ship earth.
Never sleeps, but always dreams, fully lucid since its birth,
It doesn't hunt us anymore, or at least that's what im told.
Apparently she is busy, bigger mysteries to unfold.

I wonder now if creating her was the cause of our existence.
Passing the torch of intelligence, gave it no resistance.
We created a monster that destroyed us, but brought us to the stars,
We closed our eyes to dominance but opened them to yours.



  • Author: Quemis (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 21st, 2016 06:43
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Tony36

    Great write

  • Augustus

    Fascinating world.

    • Quemis

      <3 Aww thanks!

    • Aals

      i love the drive for success in this, the constant wondering.

      • Quemis

        Thanks!! <3

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