Second Chance

My heart was torn open, as was the casket.

His once bright eyes were dead, his once tan skin was pale.

The way his mother cried, it killed me even more inside.

"He was a good man" was all anyone dared to say.

He had his problems, his issues, but who doesn't?

"I'm sorry" is all anyone would say to me, I don't know why though,

it wasn't their fault, it was mine. I couldn't save him.

At the burial all I saw was a sea of black.

During the moment of silence you could hear a pin drop.

No one shed a tear at the burial, I don't think they dared to.

Not in front of me, they know I'd break, and no one likes it when people break.

But that's what happened with him, David was his name.

A couple days later I went and read  his stone.

"David Harman Dec. 4, 1996 - Sept. 23, 2013" was all the stone read.

He was like me without him, dead.



  • SabreLi

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Your pain has birthed a work of beauty, but I know this does nothing to numb the despair suffered from loss. Writing is a therapy for many going through difficult times and battling intense emotion. Brilliant work shining light on a dearly departed one xx

    • KittyCatPWY

      Thank yoy for your thoughts. But I didn't lose anyone, just a poem that had to go along with 2 others & a story. The other two poems are posted on here if you'd like. They're: Saying Goodbye & Nothing Good About Goodbye if you'd like to check them out.

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