The 2 A.M Writer


I can't write you a letter

Can't give you a medicine

Can't give you a stuffed bear

Can't give you adrenaline

I'm in my own head, never to come see your visits

I'm as good as dead, I'll never open the door


You give me a prescription

Give me a whore to numb

Give me a drink to cure

Give me a pill deceive

Not so sure of this, never liked waking up early

I'll skip church today, never liked being up in time


Decisions, decisions

I'll let my skin do the talking

Sweating and jester acts 

Will you ever let me smoke again?

Will you give me piece of life?

Will you cover my mouth while I sleep?


It's all your fault

It's all your fault

It's all your fault

Fuck you.


  • WildMoonChild

    In some ways, personally relatable so enjoyed reading! Very emotive and an amazing write! Talented!

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