Avenir (Crossroads)

Notice of absence from Seanachaidh
Note: I disappear for months on end......but I always come back!

Je ne vais jamais dans cette voie où vous êtes sur, je vais prendre mon propre chemin


Suivez ma propre route - Je ne peux pas croire que je te faisais confiance


Je me sens mal aimé!


Feeling used, but I'm still missing you

and I can't see the end of this

just wanna feel your kiss against my lips

and now all this time is passing by

But I still can't seem to tell you why it hurts me every time

I see you realize how much I need you


I hate you, I love you

I hate that I love you

Don't want to, but I can't put

Nobody else above you

I hate you, I love you

I hate that I want you

You want her, you need her

and I'll never be her


You lied!

You said we'd always be together

My future looked bright when I was with you and now we've separated

A cloud hangs on my head - it's always rainy and I'm filled with dread

I heard you found a new love - another girl - she's the apple of your eye; you're entire world

A perfect mold out of the clay you shaped and crafted

The thing is you wanted me to be a liar; someone else that didn't quite fit me

I'll never be a false prophet; a pretender; I'll never live life a copy

Why, O why?!

My foolish heart ever loved you!?!

Something was tugging on my brain; nagging in my head

Common sense was knocking on my heart but love clouded its view and I ignored it as junk mail


Now, I think with my heart instead with my head and knowing all along that you were in the wrong makes me hollow and dead

I hope we never cross paths ever again


If by coincidence, I'll pass you by seemingly go right through you as if a ghost


You mean nothing to me

You're buried among the dead with broken dreams into the sea of forgetfulness


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