The Demon

Laying weary on a cushion sitting on a stranger's bed,
I make way for a known demon gently tapping at my head.
He knocks faintly, with his fingernails at first but rapidly
his tapping grows to a violent burst, almost suddenly.
I turn away and take no notice, I do not wish to see:
  I wish he'd leave forever, and ever let me be.

His eyes are green and fiery while looking into mine,
his thin neck elongated, he waits for a reply.
He rubs his hands ferociously, in great anticipation
and grins ever so viciously instilling trepidation.
A bang, a knock, a blow, he stretches out to see,
   my lips are moving slowly :"Leave and let me be"

But his mission is quite clear and his countenance relentless.
He has visited before and his visits, rather endless,
are as pleasant as a fox's shriek deep into the night,
when all children are asleep and all stars are shining bright.
I ignore the distant calls, still wishing not to see,
   praying he would really leave and forever let me be.

Will I bow to his daunting, homeric gentle cry,
or once and for all steady on and wisely pass him by?
Blindfolded and deaf will I avoid the precipice?
Will I sail stern and strong, throughout the winter solstice?
A game of hide and seek between sanity and me:
   I beg still of this demon to leave and let me be.

But his size and shade he casts are ever so mismatched:
his stature only tiny, his shadow, such a stretch
that he threatens my whole being with darkness and despair,
so I give into temptation, for I can no longer bare.
"Demon if I reason with you for a minute or three,
   you'll have outstayed your welcome, then will you let me be?"

A subtle, almost hidden nod, accompanies a grin;
I look and shiver do my bones, goose bumps on my skin.
For I know better than to trust a solitary fiend
who taps abruptly at my head throughout my Christmas eve;
and taps so roughly at my head a lonely Christmas eve.
   "Enter now, you ungrateful beast, but soon do let me be!"

He leaps onto my shoulder, cheeks puffy like comice,
within a dreadful moment he's breaking every promise.
He laughs and jerks, he jumps and twerks he mocks and then he teases,
he grabs me softly by the throat, he squeezes then releases
enough for me to catch my breath but as I begin to speak
   he screams things horrid down my head, he'll never let me be!

He whispers things so hurtful, in a manner so extreme
I hardly can distinguish, reality or dream?
He says "You'll be ridiculed! How can you be so blind?
She'll probably forget you, or far worse, change her mind!"
I turn away and snigger, how wrong this demon be!
   "I know she's just like you, she'll never let me be."

He throws his cape down on the ground, "You fool" suddenly cries
"I caution you this very moment", laughing still as he replies.
"Have you learnt nothing yet, have you not been here before?"
He leaps across the room and with a swing slams shut the door.
"Now listen here and listen well" he says creeping towards me
   "She'll break your heart in pieces and then she'll let you be"

"You know not what you say", I tell him with a smile,
"Her heart is true, her soul is pure, I see it in her eyes!
Her voice says far more than it speaks, there's truth in it, I know.
You couldn't possibly understand, now please will you just go?"
With a long sigh and clenched teeth he says:"Listen to me:
   I belong in your head, I'll never let you be!"

And so I kneel down gently and say compassionately:
"I know you need a loving host" and scoop him up amicably.
"But far gone are the days of weakness and deceit
when I was but a frightened child, and you should just admit
that all considered we have kept each other company,
but now it's time to say goodbye, and accept your defeat."

He looks down sadly to his cape, he finally stands still,
no longer do his eyes cast confidence or thrill.
He sighs then starts to saunter, slowly towards the door,
his shadow now far smaller, far lighter than before.
Sniveling he says: "Enjoy your Christmas Eve,
   if you need I'll be nearby, till then I'll let you be"

And still from time to time, during a lonely night
when, peaceful, children sleep and stars are shining bright,
I sense a queer and crooked presence, staring right at me,
it feels as though I'm not alone in my own company.
And this familiar presence cannot be far from me...
...behold my Christmas demon, will he ever let me be?


  • willyweed

    very interesting story it flows well and has great potential. Merry Christmas to you! ww

    • Francesco

      Thank you WW.

    • Phoenix8523

      Loved this! Very interesting to read and so full of emotion. -- phoenix

      • Francesco

        Thank you Phoenix, I'm glad you liked it!

      • laralove

        Interesting write, loved it! really in depth :)

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