Benny Selph



We discriminate immigration

Just because we founded this nation

We want to build a wall

Because we built this country


But with the dead backs of Asians we laid foundation

Roads made by black blood like it was tar

It is the skull of Mexicans that we used as bricks

Bars are the bones of immigrants


We built a house of industry

It profits on the weak

Gives to the rich


Mystically technical


But we are the home of the brave

Land of the free

Place of the greed

Smokers of weed


And we have the nerve to say we are in a just state


So let me tell you,

  We are all equal in one way,

The fact that we have a death date

In a nation where each race discriminates


A constitution built by a country with the highest slave rate


Immigrants fueled our train tracks

Lit the fuse to clear the path

People dying on the field,

While Rockefeller took an oil bath

America drew the designs

Others built the house and paid the tax


So we are all equal,

As long as immigrants come dead last


So I call people evil

Dissecting other races with knives, pins, and needles


So with the exception of,








And Jews

We are all people



  • Author: Benny Selph (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 25th, 2016 16:34
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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