The 2 A.M Writer

Cigarette Queen

You're not out of my head yet

Not out of my head, my head

Never going to get out of my bed

Might as well be dead


I'm coming off of Vicodin, and you're still here

I'm counting my own senses, and you're not one of them

So why do I love you?


Doctor, give me an antibiotic

My wounds still need stitching

It's been so lonely and long

Ever since we stopped bitching


Counting sheep and passing fantasies

You keep looping in my slobbered slumber

Why don't I hate you?


God, why do you stay?

Linger and you don't even taste good

Guess your just like a cigarette

We both age, but one of us will always fall back

My lungs show the truth




  • Tony36

    Great write

  • gencruz

    Whoa this is amazing, I love it.

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