Once upon a time on a planet called earth in a long gone distant past there was a race called human beings but their species didn’t last. Their Mother; Earth had provided all that they would ever need but ever still they wanted more to feed their demon “Greed”. The more they took the more they wanted and then they wanted more they stripped and drilled and frack'd her like she was a common whore they would go to any length to take, they even when to war. One would kill the other and another would kill him without hesitation they’d kill and kill again. They left their children hungry they let their old ones cry they polluted all of the oceans and they poisoned all of the sky. They killed off all the wild life, all the creatures great and small. They had to feed the demon “Greed” they had to have it all. They killed their sweet mother earth and doomed themselves for sure there was a race called human beings but there isn’t any more. On their very last day on earth they went nuclear. Father forgive them for they know not what they do. 



  • Tony36

    Awesome write

    • willyweed

      Thank you much Tony! ww

      • Tony36


      • WriteBeLight

        I keep my fingers crossed that we do not end up like the "humans" in your poem story. People do take so much for granted. It really pissed me off! Excellent, but sad ending for the doomed.

        • willyweed

          hopefully this shall remain fiction/fantasy Thank you for the read WBL I do as always appreciate you! ww

        • Christina8

          This is an excellent write, ww! The part that makes me mad is that it's becoming truth. I just really hope the end of your story stays fiction. But it was a great read. You have a gift!

          • willyweed

            Thank you Chrissy and for all the children's sake I hope you are correct. peace ww

          • fauxsabotage


            • willyweed

              Thank you. peace ww

            • P.H.Rose

              Now that's what
              I call a bloody
              Brilliant poem...
              Love it WW..
              Well done....

              • willyweed

                yeah it will be bloody alright, its fantasy right, we can't be that stupid...right?
                Thanks ever so much P.H. for reading and your stellar comment as always I
                do appreciate your thoughts oh and I love the way you guys talk. peace ww

              • Willy Beeman

                I dig. The references used brilliantly and such an awesome way to tell it. Enjoyed it!

                • willyweed

                  Thanks for the read and comment Willy! much appreciated! ww

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