met a boy;

met a boy, for just a night, but i feel so full of confidence and bursting with light. his hair may be black and his eyes may be brown, but his manners are perfect and one of the rarest i've found. us chatting with schools and our later fun, we were playful yet he always won. when the cake was cut and the playful chatter stopped, i was having too much fun according to the clock. my heart sinking and my happiness going down, he noticed my smile turn into a frown. he talked and smiled, making my time more worthwhile. but as the clock began to chime it's hour, making me shiver as it grew louder and louder. my handshake with him making me smile and his handsome face turning into a grin, my gaze falls over my mother who of course thinks this is a sin. now coats were put on and hugs were exchanged, me and him were still playing and talking together, me thinking this friendship might have been in vain. wearing my clothes and fixing my hair, he looks at me with undoubtable respect and began to fix his own hair, which was messy and fair. now the time had come, the one that I had feared, for me to leave this stranger, and leave the memories fun and weird. as i say goodbye, he turns away, distracted by his own family, i knew he wouldn't even get my goodbye, for for i couldn't bring myself to it, there was no way. as I left the building, set to travel far away, I looked back at the place and grinned, for we will meet another day.

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