I'll never be the same me, without you.
I hate the world became bleak, to you.
So bleak you couldn't see the light.
You couldn't see happiness.
Your last moments.
We're full of hurt.
So much hurt that you couldn't see.
You couldn't see happy.

Now the world, it's bleak to me.
You've gone.
You chose to leave me.
You've deserted me.
You took the beauty from the world.
You took my light.
You were my light.
You left.
I feel small.
Like a string of DNA.
I've coiled up.

Everything is pointless.
I'm scared.
Time might forget you.

While I'm still here I won't.
I can't bring myself to hate you.
But I'm angry.
Because I love you.

They say times a healer.
But you had so much time to give.
So much love to give and receive.
So much more life.

But your light was flickering.
When you walked through those woods.
Your light was already out.
It was dark.
You slipped into the darkness.
When you slipped into that noose.
I hope you saw the light.
I hope you're in bliss.
I wish you saw the bliss before that point.
But you didn't.
A shell.

You dimmed my light that night.
I hope it brightens up again.
I hope it's not always bleak.

But holding onto the pain.
I'm holding onto you.

I'm sorry. I miss you. I love you.


  • Author: MJ (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 1st, 2017 13:26
  • Category: Sad
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  • Christina8

    A beautiful but tragic poem. I can't imagine the pain you feel. I can only hope that over time you begin to heal. Thanks for sharing-Christina

    • mjam

      Thank you, writings been really therapeutic so there'll be more.

    • The 2 A.M Writer

      I like it a lot, you can really feel your emotion through the words. Keep on writing!

      • mjam

        Thank you!

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