He Is In Love


He looks in the mirror,

And sees his reflection.

His eyes, nose and cheeks,

He has much affection.


He stands to one side.

And, strikes a quick pose.

Flexes his muscles,

Points up his smart nose.


Turns to the left,

Turns to the right.

Tells himself proudly,

“What a handsome sight.”


Runs his fingers,

Through his short hair,

Twists and looks behind,

To flex his derrière.


Thinks to himself,

What a great invention.

For the inventor of the mirror,

There’ll be a place in heaven.


He thinks, “Love is Grand.

And, Good looks do help.”

This guy’s in love,

In love with himself.


One might argue,

He’s just a narcissist.

Thinks he’s just perfect,

And, oh so marvelous.


Another point of view,

He’s a self-assured being.

A lot of self-confidence,

With a healthy self-esteem.


He’d say, if no one tells you,

And, compliments you lack,

Look at your reflection.

Pat yourself on the back.

  • Author: WriteBeLight (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 2nd, 2017 08:02
  • Category: Reflection
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  • User favorite of this poem: Augustus.


  • Tony36

    Lol love it

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks so much Tony!

      • Tony36


      • Christina8

        Well done. There are alot of conceited people n the world. I wonder if they ever find true happiness. Great job!

        • WriteBeLight

          Thanks Christina! This poem is inspired by something a family member said about another because the pretty one could not walk by a mirror without looking at himself...:) Thanks so much for the comment!

        • willyweed

          mirror, mirror on the wall!
          this is funny! good looking poem ww

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks for that handsome comment WW!

          • Augustus

            I don't know how you did it but you had someone following me. Flexing my glutes is my specialty. Heh, Heh.
            I used to get a kick at the guys admiring themselves in the mirror at the gym. Well done.

            • WriteBeLight

              Oh no! You caught me! Had to find the perfect physique for this poem. Ha Ha. I agree about the gym. I see them at my gym flexing their arms. So funny! Thanks for reading. Keep Flexing, but remember to stretch first...:)

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks for saving this as your favorite!

              • KJ

                Really love this poem! LOL

                • WriteBeLight

                  Thanks for reading. I enjoyed writing this. I appreciate the comment!

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