My Suicide

He came to me again today
He asked me to be his
He promised to stop the hurt
If I just give in to this.

He said it would be better
He'd help me to rest
He said just to trust him
Because he knows what's best.

His offer is so attractive
He wants me to trust
I'm scared that it will hurt
He pressures that I must.

I worry about my sons
I'm not sure what to do
He says they will be fine
Their father loves them too.

He's the only one who wants me
He's made it very clear
Do I give in to him now?
Do I ask him to come near?

Then my small child
He takes me by the hand
I realize it's not yet time
To give in to Death's demand.

He will wait for me still
He will always be near
And when the time is right
He will come to me here.

Then I'll give myself to him
Sweet Death will carry me away
No more loneliness or sorrow
I can't wait for that day.

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