{The blood}

i want to run, as far as I can.
someone who was fine,
he told me he loved me a lot,
before i drank his wine.

waking up in the dead of the night,
with him grinning at me,
he masturbated whilst locked in his car,
he wouldn't let me leave

then, he pushed me down,
ignored the tears and the flood.
he kissed me hard, his hands fumbling,
and smiled at the sight of blood

after he was done, he kissed me again.
then he ran away.
i sat up, and looked, his cum on my face,
and i began to whimper, I couldn't even cry or pray

getting myself out the locked car,
considering it bad luck!
when i walked into an alley,
all that came was a "fuck".

he pushed me down again,
ripped his belt and kissed me hard,
I was frozen this time,
why the hell was this so hard?

then i walked back home, wiping the blood off again,
a man stood with a gun, prepared to shoot me in the head
i moved a little,
asking him, "why have you come?" before feeling the icy touch of dread.

he pushed me down the third time,
but i was ready, more than him. I yelled at him "i won't love you, you're my friend!"
i handed him my blood stained shirt,
then i shot myself in the head.

he laughed at me and said, "you idiot" before pushing out.
I tried to scream "fuck you" but blood was pouring out my mouth.

then a crazy bitch came alone,right above of me,
saying come along my dear, come on, let's be just free.
and as i got up again, but by a gentle hand,
she said, come along my child, you deserve to be really happy.



  • Tony36

    Great write

    • wanderlust

      thank you! :D

      • Tony36


      • willyweed

        I would say so, it is a good story though. nice work zack!

        • wanderlust

          thanks so much! :")

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