In the the begining there was only singularity.

In a great act, a moment of glorious charity.

With a great voice it was born, the Light.

Duality born for the first time, allowing life and sight.

Nothing was now darkness, for the first time being something.

Nothing exists alone, fill your lungs, fill them and sing.

Life begot death, and through death life can continue anew.

Do not suffer duality, rejoice and know that you are the few.

In a vast expanse, you were given a gift of impossible worth.

That you taste life. That you know love. Do not fear returning to the earth.

Do not be afraid. Do not forget yourself. Breath in, hold and release.

Feel pain, sorrow, frustration, bliss, happiness, and love. Until you cease.

But know that with light sigularities cease. There is no true end to you.

Remember sleep, every night you lose yourself, you cease, and are born anew

Duality bore you, it gave you a body and a mind.

Two parts seperate but beautifuly intwined. 

Do not suffer uncertainty, but rejoice that you know it.

Breath in, hold and release. You experience a gift even as you sit.

To know pain is to know love. To taste hunger is to know life.

peace is only understood after tasting the pain of strife.

So breath in, hold...and release. 

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