Yaaawn, eyes just awake, alarm off, aeroplane mode off. SOCIAL MEDIA ON! Scroll down down down down down down down. UPDATE "Good morning world"
Like, like,like, like, lol, lol, lol, EMOJI TIME!
Shower time, dressed, breakfast, SOCIAL MEDIA. Work time. UPDATE: "at work". Lunch time UPDATE "mmm look at my sandwich" like like like. {whisper} Likes are my favourite. Work work work, home time! Home time equals social time, social time equals selfie time selfie time equals SOCIAL MEDIA TIME! Post. wait. Come on. Yes! like like like like like. Yaaawn, eyes starting to close "my eyes are starting to close everybody" pyjamas on, alarm on "goodnight world" aeroplane mode on. 


  • WriteBeLight

    Ha Ha. My head is spinning! The poem reflects so many people that I know who are addicted to social media, while they are supposed to be working, or up until all hours talking about basically nothing. Great job!

  • willyweed

    this is good, a snapshot of our crazy
    technological world. Oh simple days where have they gone! ww

  • Phoenix8523

    I very much enjoyed reading this! Phrasing is so well done and it reads fast and smooth. Very fun! -- phoenix

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